Angel Airline Samaritans mission is to ensure that no cancer patient is denied access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for lack of a means of long-distance commercial airline transportation.

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Angel Airline Samaritans (AAS) facilitates no-cost or reduced rate commercial airline tickets for needy cancer patients and their families.

Angel Airline Samaritans uses commercial airlines to provide charitable cancer patient travel.

Patients use the charitable medical air transportation system to travel to and from distant specialized medical evaluations, diagnosis or treatments. Many patients and their families make multiple trips. Patients are asked to verify financial need and the patient’s primary physician will be asked to sign a form indicating that the travel is for essential and necessary medical care.

Nationally, scores of cancer patients travel every month through these charitable or reduced-rate means – making it possible for them to get the best possible specialized care and the best chance for life. AAS helps patients traveling to medical institutions all over the United States.

Patients no longer need turn down the option for specialized care at some distant medical facility due to the lack of a financial means to travel for the treatments.

Supporters FAQ’s


Angel Airline Samaritans is a program of Mercy Medical Angels utilizing charitable airline patient ticket programs to fly patients to specialized medical care.


Angel Airline Samaritans serves cancer patients and an escort needing transportation for medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment. Patients must be able to enter and exit the plane with little or no assistance, and require no medical care (i.e., doctor or nurse) en route. There must be a financial or compelling need for the flight.

Angel Airline Samaritans will facilitate transportation through one of the many charitable airline ticket programs available to children patients.


Apply online today. Call us at 888-675-1405. We will accept requests from anyone directly involved in the need (doctors, nurses, patients, social workers, transportation coordinators, family members, etc).

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If you are in need of assistance in getting transportation to receive medical treatment, we can help. We provide assistance in the air with commercial airline tickets and volunteer pilots; and on th eground with gas cards, bus and train tickets. Click on the links below to learn more.

Airline Transportation

Angel Airline Samaritans administers charitable or deep-discount airline ticket programs for patients and patient escorts on behalf of various major airlines. Ambulatory patient travel exceeding 750 miles necessitates the use of airline resources. Special circumstances can make it advisable to use these programs for even shorter distances. Angel Airline Samaritans personnel are highly experienced in these diverse and often changing airline patient ticket programs.

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Every Donation Helps

No matter how much you choose to give, your donation to Angel Airline Samaritans has an impact. Your contribution allows you to become part of the solution to the serious issue of access to health care for the less fortunate.

Please help us save another life with a donation that can permanently transform a person’s life!

Will you help make a dream come true? It only costs an average of $.52 a mile for Angel Airline Samaritans to provide ground or air transportation to someone in need.

Due to generous partners, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to program expenses.

A $337 donation provides a one-way flight on a commercial airline for a financially strapped cancer patient traveling from Jackson, Mississippi to Houston, Texas for an appointment with a specialist at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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100% of every donation is used for program purposes.

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