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Strategy for Achieving Goals

We offer the most cost-effective means of charitable transportation for each patient, based on the distance they need to travel, their medical requirements, the location they need to reach, and the availability of different modes of travel as related to their specific  departure and destination requirements.

Our strategy is to make sure each means of transportation–whether private aircraft, commercial airline, or ground transportation–is delivered to the patient with the least overall cash cost. Travel is always free to the patient. We work hard to drive down overhead costs related to each trip and to develop partnerships with corporations or commercial transportation providers or volunteer donor pilots that sponsor MMA or offer discounts for purchased travel for patient clients.

Capacity to Achieve Goals

Our experience in providing charitable, long-distance medical transportation goes back to our small, informal beginnings in 1972 when all transports were done using volunteer pilots flying their own privately-owned aircraft.  These pilots wanted to fill a need in their communities.  Over the years we have learned and expanded to meet new needs and offer different modes of transportation.  Through it all we have never compromised our highest standards of operational integrity and efficiency, transportation safety, public transparency and accountability,  The safety record through all these years of continuous service has been perfect.

Mercy Medical Angels became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1984 and is governed by a respected Board of Directors.  Our team reflects a high level of professionalism as well as diversity.

Because of our commitment to public transparency, the home page of our website provides on-call real time data counts for trips completed (not just coordinated).

Outputs and Results

Measuring outputs and results is key to understanding our impact on the people we serve. The data we collect as related to each patient trip includes a date and mode of service with departure and destination locations.  Various forms of public benefit are provided, including a standardized estimate of the dollar value of transportation cost.  This data is organized by mode of transportation provided for the patient. 

Technically speaking, the completion of a patient trip represents an “output” of our system–it allows for or provides the means by which a patient gets to a distant medical appointment for evaluation, diagnosis or treatment, or gets back home after the appointment.  The results of the effort are medical and quality of life outcomes not easily obtained and simply withheld by the medical world to comply with HIPAA regulations.

For this reason, to extend reporting from outputs to outcomes, we are forced to rely on voluntarily-given patient testimonials and patient answers to generalized questions about their health or other meaningful improvements in their lives.  Such information is provided through this website.  A sampling of patient testimonials can be found by clicking here.

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